Here’s THE LIST of Businesses The Radical Anti-Trump Left Is Trying To Disrupt

The Anti-Trump Left is trying to drive business away from businesses who do business with the Trump family.


Since the stunning defeat of Democrat Hillary Clinton on November 8th, the nation’s radical left has been up in arms (and in the streets) over the fact that American voters elected Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States.

In October, Clinton supporter Shannon Coulter, a tech and media marketing specialist, started a boycott against companies (primarily retailers) that do business with Donald Trump’s companies through the #GrabYourWallet hashtag.

Since then, however, the “movement” has been adopted by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump—which has a Facebook page of 158,000—and the list has grown and includes a download-able app now, as well as a script for boycotters to use to contact the targeted business.

Here’s the script:

Sample of what to say / write: “Hi. I’m a customer / fan of your brand. Unfortunately I’ll no longer be able to shop there because you do business with the Trump family. If you were to no longer do so I would consider returning as a customer. Please communicate my feedback to store management. // (Optional: I have shopped at your store/brand for X years. I will be shopping at (name your local store or closest shopping competitor) until these products are no longer available for sale.” // Here’s what I said to a rep who said “Well, we don’t carry Donald’s products”: Because Ivanka campaigned passionately for Donald, now has an official role on his presidential transition team, and has been meeting with heads of state inappropriately, I feel her brand has been permanently politicized.

  • Here is ‘The List‘ of Trump-related businesses the Left is trying to boycott.

As the Independent Review Journal noted last week, of the (then) 30 businesses listed, 23 of them are Ivanka Trump’s businesses and completely separate from those her father owns.

The campaign was created as a response to Coulter’s belief that Donald Trump denigrates women. but it seems Ivanka is the one shouldering this criticism.

Given the Left’s hatred of Trump and desire to destroy his entire family’s businesses, for those opposed to the Left’s tactics, as opposed to heeding the Left’s #boycott call, perhaps Americans will instead use ‘The List‘ and engage in a #BUYcott.

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