Trump Scores Early Wins With Diverse Cabinet Picks

With latest cabinet picks, the President-elect’s choices show a commitment to diversity that defies his critics.


President-Elect Donald Trump is, yet again, defying critics—particularly those who like to play identity politics—with his early hiring choices.

On Wednesday, Team Trump announced the selection of South Carolina’s popular and well-respected governor Nikki Haley to serve as ambassador to the United Nations.

Trump also announced the nomination of Betsy DeVos—a leader in the school choice movement—as Secretary of Education.

In addition, it is also rumored that Dr. Ben Carson will be nominated to become Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


“Ms. DeVos and Ms. Haley would be the first women in Mr. Trump’s cabinet,” notes the New York Times, “while Mr. Carson would be the first African-American.”

Also rumored is the consideration of former Democrat representative Harold Ford, Jr.—an African American.

The telegenic Ford — who served five terms in Congress representing Tennessee and is the son of a long-serving Democratic congressman from Memphis — has worked as a managing director at Morgan Stanley since 2011, and is a regular news analyst on MSNBC.

Although Trump’s pick of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General has angered open borders advocates who, in turn, have mired him in a manufactured racial controversy, it is clear that Trump is defying critics who claim the election of Donald Trump would be ushering in a new era of racism.

Even after his shocking win, Trump is still proving conventional wisdom about him wrong.

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