The Liberal Propaganda Media Machine

‘The left’s grip on power is shaky. Its grip on messaging is total. And that is where media schizophrenia creeps in.’


I have often said that Liberals are the masters of having it both ways. Where they have set themselves on fire with feigned outrage over some crime they say has been committed by the right, they have no compunction about committing the most grievous and heinous of acts – in response – and calling it progress or social/moral justice. One need look no further then their response to the 2016 election results.

It’s important in life that we come to understand the root cause of a problem if we are ever going to develop and put in place a lasting solution to it and this is especially true in the matter of our problem with “media schizophrenia” which has been incredibly well described in this article over at Sultan Knish.

The article starts off making the correct connection between Nazi or Soviet propaganda and what we have been drowning in here in America since Bush ’43 gave Liberals and their Elite media machine the opportunity they were looking for to embark on their campaign to dismantle the GOP and destroy it once and for all: Iraq.

What happens when the schizophrenic media reality collapses when it comes into too sharp of a conflict with reality is the same behavior that schizophrenics exhibit when their perceptions of the world conflict with the real world.

The people venting and rioting and screaming were living in a cozy reality. Everyone in that progressive reality understood that history was on their side, that the majority was with them and that the right was a decaying mass of racists and corporations soon to be swept away by the tide of change.

But this wasn’t reality. It was a carefully constructed narrative that fooled even the people who were building it. It was a virtual world overlaid over the real world. Its narratives were so integrated with the real world that it seemed as if it were real. There were stories and polls. Everyone in their social media bubble, except a few crazy uncles agreed with them. All the celebrities were on board.

And then the holodeck got switched off.

History is awash with examples of how and where propaganda has been used to control the hearts and minds of a population. What is less well-documented, however, is what happens when those populations eventually reject it. And, as the Sultan points out, it is this rejection that is beginning to happen here in this country before our very eyes:

The left’s grip on power is shaky. Its grip on messaging is total. And that is where media schizophrenia creeps in.

Citizens of totalitarian regimes recognize that they are being lied to. Statistics show a level of recognition of media bias among Americans on par with that of any totalitarian regime.

The media should be panicking over such numbers. But it doesn’t care if 80 or 70 percent of Americans don’t trust them. They are a secondary audience. Its core goal is to manage the beliefs of those who do. They are the revolutionary vanguard. They have to be shaped and directed.

And when they look over the iron curtain and past the media wall, reality no longer fits the narrative. Media schizophrenia kicks in. And they lose their grip on reality and lose their minds.

From where I sit, the election of Trump and the message that sends to the Liberal Propaganda Machine should be considered a shot across their bow; the histrionics and hyperbole and race-baiting of the last decade has finally woken up the sleeping giant… and it is really p*ssed off now.


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