Liberals Are In ‘Complete Meltdown’ Over Trump’s EPA Pick

…and that’s a good thing.


The climate change industry is multi-billion dollar industry with millionaire and billionaire investors whose entire investment scheme depends on the ability to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and transition nations’ economies to what is called “clean energy.”

In the U.S., the climate change industry’s primary weapon used against the public has been wide-spread indoctrination, the demonization of fossil fuel companies, and, most recently, threatening to prosecute “climate change deniers.”

Meanwhile, the climate change industry’s chief enforcement mechanism for implementing its agenda has been the Environmental Protection Agency.

So thorough has the Left’s indoctrination of “climate change” been on the American public (actually, the world) that much of America is accepting of the $353 billion in onerous regulations the agency costs the U.S. each year.

This is why President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute to head the EPA transition team has the Left in a “complete meltdown,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Ebell is a whip-smart policy wonk at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He has spent years at the epicenter of conservative efforts to combat backward environmental regulations. His appointment to manage Mr. Trump’s EPA transition team was an inspired and encouraging surprise.

On the left it provoked a complete meltdown. Environmental groups whipped up tens of thousands of petition signatures demanding Mr. Trump ditch the “climate denier.” Students at Georgetown and Harvard demonstrated against the appointment. There’s even an online hashtag: #RebelAgainstEbell.

“Based on rhetoric in his campaign, and staffing choices he’s made,” writes the Daily Signal’s Josh Siegel, “Trump has indicated he will pursue a dramatically different direction than Obama, one that relies on industry and market forces to continue the U.S.’ progress toward a cleaner energy future, and removes the government from much of that role.”

To big-government Leftists, relying on “industry and market forces” to move the U.S. toward a “cleaner energy future” is anathema and removing “the government from much of that role” is sacrilege.

Thus, the Left’s ‘complete meltdown’ is a good thing.

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