Sen. Tom Cotton’s Takedown Of The Open Borders Wall Street Journal Is Awesome!

‘Higher wages for Americans are a feature, not a bug, of reducing levels of legal immigration!’ — Sen. Cotton


On Friday, U.S. Army veteran and current Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton took issue with an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal that argues for more immigration from Mexico.

The article, which appeared on Thanksgiving, highlighted several businesses that use low-skilled workers in industries such as hospitality, construction and agriculture that claim to be having problems filling job openings.

“As hiring accelerates and the labor market tightens thanks to a steady U.S. recovery, employers who need low-skilled workers are increasingly struggling to fill vacancies,” the WSJ notes. “One big reason: Mexican workers, who form the labor backbone of industries like hospitality, construction and agriculture, are in short supply.”

“On the ground in the U.S., many employers report the worker shortage is driving up wages, which is good news for low-skilled workers,” the Wall Street Journal states. “It is also driving up costs, however, which could hamper investment and fuel inflation.”

The Wall Street Journal’s writers failed to note, however, that there are 92 million Americans not in the labor force—of which between 9 million and 20 million could be working—and wages have been stagnated for decades.

It is, perhaps, these facts that drove Sen. Cotton to respond to the Wall Street Journal by pointing out some facts on Twitter:

  1. Higher wages for Americans are a feature, not a bug, of reducing levels of legal immigration!
  2. There are no “jobs Americans won’t do”! Americans are majority in every job & sector. Want more? Pay more!
  3. Employers in this story are paying more, offering more benefits & training. This is a good thing, not a problem!
  4. Build wall, enforce law, limit legal immigration = safer streets, higher wages, better govt. Let’s get started!

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