Donald Trump Just Saved 1,000 American Jobs And The Left Is Whining [Video]

“Thank you Donald Trump for saving my job.” — Carrier employee Paul Roell


Following his stunning defeat og Hillary Clinton on November 8th, Donald Trump just scored another astonishing victory—six weeks before he’s even sworn into office—by negotiating a deal with Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana that were to be shipped to Mexico.

Trump’s success has won him praise from many—especially the Carrier employees whose jobs he helped saved.

“I’ve got 13 years in, and I don’t really want to start back over. I’ve got a baby on the way, and you know, it’s a blessing,” Dominique Anthony told the Indy Star on Wednesday. “I thought it was a lie at first. I was excited. I finally looked at the news and got the OK about it. … I feel sorry for some of the guys who left, but everything is good. Like I said, it’s a blessing. A great Christmas present.”

“Thank you Donald Trump for saving my job,” wrote Carrier employee Paul Roell on his Facebook page.

However, the Left—as part of its campaign to delegitimize Trump’s presidency—is making it clear that they are not happy with Trump’s success.

On Fox, for example, Democratic strategist Christopher Hale and Republican strategist Charmaine Yoest joined host the Strategy Room’s Patti Ann Browne.

While Trump (predictably) won high praise from Republican Yoest, Democrat Hale wanted to downplay Trump’s success (beginning at 2:20).

Hale explained to the audience “that 80% of the job loss in the United States is due to technology and only about 20% is due to trade itself.”

Although this may or may not be accurate, what Hale neglected to state is that, for the 20% of those unemployed due to trade, most would have preferred to keep their jobs—including those at Carrier.

Hale then went on to state that, while he believes in Capitalism, he believes in “human-centered Capitalism” and then went on to infer that Trump was not being honest by stating that a lot of jobs “are not coming back.”

Again, even though this may be true, Trump’s campaign promises were to try to stop jobs from being exported—not that already-exported jobs would be coming back.

Hale’s shot at downplaying what is clearly a success for Donald Trump is nothing more than furtherance of the Left’s efforts to delegitimize Trump.


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  1. Like everything the Liberal Democrat communist/social party parrots repeat – anything contrary to their agenda of globalization, and ultimate dictatorship will be vehemently attacked. Trump’s America First direction has all these sell-outs screaming at the top of their lungs and every one of them whining and throwing tantrums!

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