Conservative Leaders Press Outgoing Obama, Incoming Trump Administrations And Congress To Act On Operations Aimed At Delegitimizing Trump Mandate

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, thirty-nine prominent conservative thought leaders from across the country released a letter expressing concern about foreign-funded influence, violence and constitutional threats. They recognize the protests are manufactured to delegitimize President-Elect Trump’s mandate from American voters.

These leaders note that: “Political discourse, and even expressions of anger and outrage, are protected forms of speech. However, violence and physical threats against the safety and well-being of citizens, including threats of assassination and harm against the President-elect and the next First Lady, have no place in American society, where we periodically settle our differences at the ballot box.”

“These groups seeking to erode national sovereignty wish to prevent America from becoming great again.”

Further, “Foreign powers and subversive domestic groups are funding influence operations to divide our country and foment chaos and disruption. These groups seeking to erode national sovereignty wish to prevent America from becoming great again.”

The leaders have specific recommendations for the Obama administration, the upcoming Trump administration and the next Congress.

They encourage the Obama administration to take the following steps:

  • instruct the FBI and CIA to issue unclassified reports on any and all “Russian subversion” of the 2016 American presidential campaign;
  • instruct the FBI and CIA to issue unclassified assessments of any and all foreign-funded subversion of America’s political institutions;
  • instruct the Department of Justice to issue an unclassified report on the nature and extent of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) behind the anti-police violence, and the post-election organized violence and threats of violence;
  • instruct the Department of Justice to issue an unclassified report that identifies all organizations operating in this country that seek the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States, and to describe the measures taken to stop them since 2009.

The leaders also recommend that the Trump administration assemble a task force to take up these concerns. Also, they urge both house of Congress to “establish and fund permanent standing committees to conduct hearings and investigations, take testimony, and issue reports on all foreign-funded influence operations inside the United States, and on organizations and movements and fraudulent tax-exempt foundations devoted to the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States.”

One leader, J. Michael Waller, shared this: “The degree of foreign subversion of our country is appalling. We need to gather together to drain the swamp of all foreign-sponsored propaganda and subversion that have damaged our country, corrupted our policymaking, and turned our citizens against one another.  That subversion is coming from Russia and China. It is coming from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and other regimes that sponsor violent jihad and civilization jihad. It is coming from Putin and the Muslim Brotherhood. We need to come together as a nation and put an end to it.”

Download the entire letter here.

An Open Letter of Concern About Foreign-Funded Influence, Violence, & Constitutional Threats on Scribd

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  1. There is also this petition, which I made on 21 November and which expires on 21 December:

    Title: We Call on President Obama to Tell the UnAmericans to “Stop It!”

    Body: There are reports of a democracy-hating segment of the population protesting the results of the last democratic free election, a decidedly un-American thing to do; also, of them vandalizing, destroying property, assaulting, threatening and ridiculing Americans who support President-elect Trump, using hateful terms such as bigot, racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, etc., to mislabel and smear Trump and his supporters, to split the nation into two and to de-legitimatize the election; also, electoral college members have received death threats to intimidate them into changing their vote, as well as Trump and his supporters. We ask Pres. Obama to get on T.V., look into the camera, and say to these people, “Stop It!”

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