Here’s The TRUTH About The ‘Clinton Won The Popular Vote’ Argument

If you remove just one notable state, Trump actually won the popular vote.


Thank goodness the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College to determine who would become President of the United States.

As the Left continues its war on Donald Trump’s presidency, its primary strategy is to try to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency.

To that end, the Left’s primary tactic is to argue that, while Trump won the electoral college, Clinton won the popular vote.

According to the Cook Political Report, Hillary Clinton won 65,756,948 votes to Trump’s 62,913,088—a difference of 2,843,860 votes.

However, as most Americans know, popular votes do not a President make.

The United States chooses her presidents through the Electoral College and, in that regard, Donald Trump won a landslide victory with 306 electoral college votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

However, on the popular vote, were it not for one state in particular—California—Donald Trump would have won the popular vote as well.

In the Golden State, 8,753,788 Californians voted for Hillary Clinton while 4,483,810 voted for Donald Trump—a difference of 4,269,978 votes.

That is 1,426,118 votes more than the 2,843,860 “popular” votes Clinton won by nationwide.

In other words, were it not for California’s population, Donald Trump would have won both the electoral college and the popular vote.

While 4,269,979 Californians may not like the outcome—or any of the other citizens in the various other states who voted for Clinton—just as Texans would have lived with Clinton had she won, so too does California.

That is the genius of the Founding Fathers in their electoral college creation.

Were it not for the electoral college, the vast majority of the country would be ruled by those that live in a few select cities.


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  1. The other defining issue when it comes to CA is that they do not check voter registration or ID to assure that those who do vote are legal to vote. Considering the illegal population in CA alone, then perhaps the popular vote would not have been anywhere close to the totals they reported. Since CA is a Liberal run state and loaded with “sanctuary cities” then most of the vote may not even be valid under the law.

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