Should Congress, DOJ Investigate ‘Shadowy’ Marxist Groups’ Influence On U.S. Politics?

There is a spiderweb of hundreds of shadowy Marxist groups influencing and infecting American politics–sometimes even with violence. Should they be investigated by Congress and the Justice Department?

Occupy Wall Street protesters gather in Duarte Square in New York

For decades, Austrian multi-billionaire George Soros has spent hundreds of millions of dollars influencing global politics—including politics in the United States.

Here in the United States, Soros has financially backed a wide array of groups, ranging from the violent Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements to the secretive Democracy Alliance.

Soros is not the only global elitist who is pouring money into groups though. There are many more.

Many of these groups operate in the shadows to radically transform American politics through often-violent and illegal protests in order to push Marxist ideology and policies.

Recently, a group of prominent Americans called on Congress, the outgoing Obama Administration, as well as the Department of Justice under the incoming Trump Administration to investigate the forces that are subverting American politics.

Do you believe the American public deserves to know the truth about these individuals and organizations?

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