Ken Blackwell: Trump Has A Mandate To Give The Free Market A Chance [Video]

Prominent conservative and Ken Blackwell appeared on Fox’s Neil Cavuto show to explain President-Elect Trump’s mandate.

On Tuesday, former Cincinnati mayor and Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto show to explain some of the choices that President-elect Donald Trump has made for his cabinet.

“I think the choices have sent the right message to the markets,” Blackwell told Cavuto, “and the market is responding right on cue.”

Since the election, the stock market has enjoyed the biggest surges following an election going back more than a century, according to Marketwatch.

Blackwell went on to explain that Trump “had a mandate and that was to turn over tables and not to embrace the status quo but to actually change things, put the harness back on the reach of government in our lives, give the free market a chance to work, grow and produce jobs for working Americans and I think he’s sending the right message.”

Blackwell, who continues to have a distinguished career as a conservative, is a member of the Trump transition team and is one of the most respected voices in the conservative movement.

Watch the whole interview:

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