Would YOU Pay $130K For A Mobile Home? [Shhh. You already are.]

Thanks to government waste, taxpayers are footing the bill for six-figure mobile homes.


No one can argue that the flooding that hit Baton Rouge, Louisiana earlier this year was devastating.

In fact, as of August, the flooding had left 13 dead and 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed and has been called the “worst US disaster since Hurricane Sandy.”

As so often happens when tragedy strikes, Americans came to help those in need.

However, it should come as little surprise that the agency responsible for major disaster assistance—the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA—is being accused of being wasteful with American taxpayers’ money.

As FEMA moved in to assist the citizens of flooded Baton Rouge, one of its tasks has been to house those who the floods had made homeless.

As such, FEMA has been purchasing ‘manufactured housing units (which many refer to as “trailers” or “mobile homes”) and, in so doing, is paying an exorbitant amount for those units, according to the Advocate.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is spending an estimated $129,200 for the purchase, transport and installation of each “manufactured housing unit” placed on the private property of a flood victim, according to a document provided to a Louisiana congressman. If the unit is placed in an already existing commercial park for mobile homes and travel trailers, then the cost increases to $149,000, because of the extra expense to lease the site pad. And if the mobile homes are placed in FEMA designated group sites, then the price can rise as high as $170,000.

Interviews with dealers and price comparisons online by the Advocate, however, found that “single-wide mobile homes smaller than 1,000 square feet can be found easily for less than $35,000 per unit.”

With FEMA being just another example of government waste, is there any wonder why Americans voted to #DrainTheSwamp in 2016?

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