These Five Tweets of Famed Actor James Woods Are Awesome!

If you’re not following James Woods on Twitter, you ought to be.


Hollywood is known as one of the five cities in the American Pentapolis of Progressivism.

Yet, now and then, beacons of conservatism do shine their bright lights through the dark haze of liberalism that permeates the Hollywood culture.

Among those bright lights is veteran Hollywood actor James Woods–an unabashed conservative surrounded by a sea of liberals.

To follow @realJamesWoods on Twitter is a treat.


Here’s just a sampling why:

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  1. Hit intonation and wit revealed a cunning sensibility through his acting. What a unique mind, and by that virtue possesses unique capacity to understand post-modern decline. Great man. Greater than I at first realized as a kid listening to his colorful verbal gymnastics in movies.

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