Trump Inauguration: Union Staffers Conduct Session At #DisruptJ20 Training Camp

A broad coalition of protesters conducted training this past weekend. Among those conducting the training were union staffers.


Over the last several days, there has been a lot of press surrounding the pseudo-Marxist and anarchist groups plotting to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration this week.

Chief among those groups is #DisruptJ20, a group that promises to bring “widespread civil resistance to the streets of Washington, DC…” on its website.

In addition to other neo-Marxist groups, #DisruptJ20’s organizers had stated previously that their efforts had the support of unions.

This past weekend, #DisruptJ20 held a “training camp” at American University for activists and likely protesters to “learn” about tactics and their pet causes.

The DC Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee seeks not only to disrupt the inauguration procession on January 20th, but also every repressive measure that Trump would try to inflict on our world and the people in it.

On Sunday, participants at #DisruptJ20’s “training camp” heard from staffers from the United Food & Commercial Workers, as well as UNITE-HERE organizers, on a variety of union-related topics.

Jonathan Williams is the communications manager for UFCW Local 400. Allison Burket is an organizer with UNITEHERE Local 23. Elizabeth Falcon is the Executive Director of DC Jobs with Justice. This interactive Union 101 workshop to deepen understanding of unions and what’s at stake in federal and local fights to undermine union power. Learn about collective action, worker leadership, and protections for immigrant workers.

Given that 43% of “union households” voted for Donald Trump, as/if #DisuptJ20 is successful in disrupting inaugural events, one must wonder whether participating unions will publicly take partial credit for the disruption.

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