Irony: #NoDAPL Protesters’ Frozen Pile Of Trash Is HUGE, May Become Toxic, And May Contain Bodies [Video]

Officials, worried they may find bodies buried, are scrambling to move a potentially-toxic mountain of trash left behind by #NoDAPL protesters.


The North Dakota camp where left-wing protesters camped out for months to protest the building of an oil pipeline has become an environmental hazard, a potentially-toxic dump that will require approximately 250 loads of trash to be moved.

Now, as clean-up crews work to clean up the protesters’ mess, authorities are worried they may find a body (or two or three) in the massive trash heap, according to

We are looking for, as I said, anything illegal, anything that might be used to, I guess, harm our officers during a protest,” says Jay Gruebele, Morton County Sheriff’s Office Captain.

Authorities are also searching through the piles for evidence they hope they don’t find.

“As bad as it sounds, we’re looking for people that may have died and could be wrapped up in a canvas or a tarp or tent,” says Gruebele.

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