Obama Bureaucrats ‘Devastated’ Congress Is Undoing Last-Minute Obama Red-Tape Regs

The GOP-controlled Congress is rolling back Obama’s last-minute red tape and former bureaucrats are calling it ‘intensely unfair.’

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Once upon a time, when the GOP-controlled Congress would not bend to then-President Barack Obama’s will, the President proclaimed he had a pen and a telephone and would use those to get his agenda in place.

With his days in office coming to a close, Obama and his agencies issued a “volley” of new executive actions over the warnings of Republicans that said volley could be repealed with the incoming Trump administration.

Now that the new Congress has been sworn in, Republicans are wasting no time to make good on their threat to undo the Obama Administration’s last-minute barrage of new regulations and the bureaucrats in charge of putting those regulations in place are not happy about it, according to Politico.

It’s devastating, of course,” said Alexandra Teitz, a longtime Democratic Hill aide who joined Interior’s Bureau of Land Management in 2014 as a counselor to the agency’s director and worked on a rule to curb methane waste from oil and gas production. A House-passed Congressional Review Act resolution targeting that rule awaits action in the Senate.

Pizarchik and other former Obama administration officials called the rapid repeal process intensely unfair. The 1996 law says any repeal must come within 60 legislative days after a rule becomes final. [Emphasis added.]

As the adage goes: He who lives by the pen, dies by the pen.

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