The NRA Unloads On The New York Times’ “Truth” Campaign With Online Ad

The NRA unloads on the New York Times’ hypocritical ‘Truth’ campaign with a new online ad.

With the rise of new media, its ability to control the news failing and public opinion falling, the New York Times has drawn significant fire from President Trump over the past few months for the paper’s biased reporting.

As a result of its tarnished image, the 165-year old paper has recently embarked on a “truth” advertising campaign in an effort to fight Trump, as well as to draw more readers to the old media paper.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

The paper even paid to air a television ad during last Sunday’s Academy Awards show.

In response to the Times’ ad, NRATV came up with its own ad, slamming the New York Times’ biased reporting.

Take a look:

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