Russian Spokeswoman Slams American Media: ‘Stop Spreading Lies & False News’

America’s media has become a joke—even to the Russians.

Amid all the hysterical hyperbole surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ interactions with Russia’s ambassador, a CNN reporter got an earful from Russian Maria Zakharova earlier this week.

Ms. Zakharova is the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and, as such, has become the subject of reporters’ questions over the manufactured Sessions controversy.

Watch how she handled the CNN reporter’s questions:

But Ms. Zakharova didn’t just stop there.

On her Facebook page, Ms. Zakharova took further aim at the American media:

On another Facebook post, posted with the video below, Ms. Zakharova stated (translated from Russian):

“Look who’s ‘spying for Russian diplomats in our embassy in Washington?!! I guess, a correspondent for fox news 😹😹😹”

The Financial Times also has not escaped Ms. Zakharova’s notice.

While Ms. Zakharova’s bluntness with the media will likely go unnoticed by most Americans who are being subjected to the endless barrage of left-wing false narratives, it is refreshing to know that someone from another country—albeit Russia—has noticed the lies being spread to the American public.

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