The Left Has A New Label For Suburban Trump Supporters: Petite Bourgeoisie

‘Trumpism’ is coming from suburban, wanna-be ‘one percenters,’ says The Nation.

Lening bourgeoisie quote

If you voted for Donald Trump in November, you may soon be able forget being labeled a white racist fascist.

It appears the Left, despite their best efforts to do so, is finally realizing that pigeon-holing all of Trump’s supporters with that label doesn’t really fit most of those who voted for him.

According to The Nation, if you don’t live in a trailer park, work in a coal mine (employed or unemployed) and still supported Donald Trump, the chances are you’re a Petite Bourgeoisie instead.

This is a piece of jargon used mostly by Marxists to denote small-property owners, whose nearest equivalents these days may be the “upper middle class” or “small-business owners.”

FiveThirtyEight reported last May that “the median household income of a Trump voter so far in the primaries is about $72,000,” or roughly 130 percent of the national median. Trump’s real base, the actual backbone of fascism, isn’t poor and working-class voters, but middle-class and affluent whites. Often self-employed, possessed of a retirement account and a home as a nest egg, this is the stratum taken in by Horatio Alger stories. They can envision playing the market well enough to become the next Trump. They haven’t won “big-league,” but they’ve won enough to be invested in the hierarchy they aspire to climb. If only America were made great again, they could become the haute 
bourgeoisie—the storied “1 percent.”

Never mind that their candidate, Hillary Clinton was actually the embodiment of the “storied ‘1 percent.'”

Also, never mind that Trump’s support came from a cross-section on Americans who were tired of Big Government being shoved down their throats in a myriad of ways.

For the Left, the desire to pigeon hole and label those that voted for Donald Trump—whether it be trailer-park fascists, small-business owners, or suburban soccer moms and dads—goes unchecked.

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