Mizzou Layoffs Loom As Negative Public Perception Lingers

For second year in a row, protest-plagued university system is feeling the effects of having a bad rap.

The University of Missouri-Columbia is planning to cut hundreds of staff positions amid an expected 7.4 percent drop in enrollment as a result, in part, of negative public perception stemming from race-related protests, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

In 2015, Mizzou was rocked by race-related campus protests in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and after years of what protesters allege is ‘racism’ on campus.

For many, however, the protests were marked by a liberal professor (caught on video) enraged at and physically blocking a student journalist’s filming after the protest. [The professor was later charged with assault and resigned.]

While many of the 400 Mizzou positions being cut will be done through attrition, up to 100 employees will be laid off, as the loss of students equates to a $16.6 million drop in revenue.

University leaders “pointed to the enrollment drop partly as fallout from the declining number of high school graduates across the region, as well as ongoing ‘public perception concerns‘ since the fall of 2015 when protests that centered on issues of race led to two top leaders’ resigning,” according to the Post-Dispatch.

“Campus recruiters say the events of the past year have created dual recruitment challenges — ones that might hinder black and white students alike from attending a campus that many have equated with strained race relations,” the Post-Dispatch reported last year.

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  1. Joey Valdes

    I think these (terrorist) BLM groups are a threat to our society and should label a terrorist organization by the federal government. BLM is also a racist organization as well.

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