Portland PD Seizes Weapons From AntiFa, Arrests Made During Counter Protest Of Pro-Trump Rally

Police: Anti-Trump protesters hurled bricks at cops and had an array of other dangerous weapons in their possession.

Screenshot of Police- 14 arrested during rally, counter-protests in downtown P - KPTV - FOX 12

On Sunday, police in Portland, Oregon arrested 14 individuals on a variety of charges related to counter protests at a pro-Trump rally.

Most of the arrestees are believed to be counter protesters and possibly affiliated with AntiFa, a group known for its violence which has gained some notoriety since the election of President Trump.

A pro-Donald Trump, free speech rally was organized by the conservative group Patriot Prayer that was met with groups of anti-Trump and anti-hate protesters.

Officials shut down at least one counter-protest at a public square in Chapman Square, because they say demonstrators were hurling bricks and other objects at officers. [Emphasis added.]

Weapons seized include, knives, baseball bats, clubs, as well as at least one chain and bricks.

The charges against the individuals—some with prior arrest records (see below)—range from carrying a concealed weapon to disorderly conduct.


Here is the list of arrestees, as well as what has been found on several with past records.

  • Brooks Christopher Klehr, 19. Disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed weapon. [Mr. Klehr was also arrested in January at an anti-police protest.]
  • Derek Wayne Christensen, 45. Carrying a concealed weapon. [There are records of a Derek Wayne Christensen, dating back to the 2000s. It is unknown whether this is the same individual.]
  • Kellan C. McDonald, 45. Carrying a concealed weapon.
  • Henry James Best, 22. Disorderly conduct, given a federal criminal citation.
  • Kim Michael Sorgente, 46. Disorderly conduct. [It appears that Kim Michael Sorgente was arrested in Orange County, CA in March.]
  • Mark Anthony Richardson, 31. Disorderly conduct, given a federal criminal citation.
  • Andrew Ellott McLoughlin, 20. Disorderly conduct, harassment.
  • Jordyn Suzanna Hidgon-Luckey, 30. Disorderly conduct.
  • Kelly Marshall Baur, 30. Interfering with a peace officer, harassment, disorderly conduct.
  • Forrest Gabriel Ramona Smith, 21. Disorderly conduct.
  • Jeremy Daniel Ibarra, 35. Disorderly conduct.
  • Others were given federal criminal citations and released.

    • Alex Anthony Fitzgibbon, 26. Given federal criminal citation.
    • Timothy Francis Ledwith, 23. Given federal criminal citation [past arrest record here].
    • Corey David McGee, 35. Given federal criminal citation [past arrest record here].

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