Reuters: Climate Change Near Bottom Of Americans’ List Of Priorities

Among their list of priorities, 96% of Americans believe there are bigger things to worry about than the environment.


Doomsday planners, climate change capitalists and climate justice warriors were all in an uproar last week when President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the globalist-negotiated Paris Climate Agreement.

Yet, most Americans don’t seem to bothered by it and Reuters has found out why.

Reuters Poll

Here’s the shot:

Most Americans believe the United States should take “aggressive action” to fight climate change, but few see it as a priority issue when compared with the economy or security, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday.

Now, the chaser:

Even so, Americans rank the environment near the bottom of their list of priorities for the country. Only about 4 percent of Americans believe that the “environment” is a bigger issue than healthcare, the economy, terrorism, immigration, education, crime and morality, Reuters/Ipsos polling shows. [Emphasis added.]

Translation: 96% of Americans believe their are bigger things to worry about than the environment.

Of course, as often happens, those who lecture us about the climate don’t always never live up to their own screeds.

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