Kamala Harris Parlays Her #SessionsHearing Interrogation Into Fundraising Opportunity

By Tuesday night, California’s Junior Senator Kamala Harris had turned her interrogation of Attorney General Sessions into a fundraising opportunity.

On Tuesday, much of the nation’s political class watched a testy exchange (video below) between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and California’s Junior Senator Kamala Harris (D).

Depending on one’s political viewpoint, Harris’ interrogation of Sessions might be interpreted as rude—as she often did not allow the Attorney General to answer her questions—and worthy of condemnation; or, to others, Harris’ inquiry could be worthy of praise.


However, due to her aggressive style of interrogation and not letting Sessions fully answer her questions, Harris her self was interrupted and, finally, shut down when her time expired.

California Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris was again reprimanded for questioning and interrupting a witness while questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday.

She was first interrupted by Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who said Sessions should be allowed to answer, then Committee Chair Sen. Richard Burr,R-N.C., said he would control the hearing and the witness should be allowed to answer questions.


Immediately following the Sessions hearing, liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren—who, herself, had parlayed her going over time at a hearing earlier this year into a political issue—rallied her base to Harris’ side, tweeting:

By 7:25 pm, seemingly picking up on the opportunity to use her Sessions exchange, Sen. Harris tweeted out a link to her followers seeking donations.

Of course, given her almost immediate fundraising appeal, a cynic could be inclined to believe that Harris’ entire attack on Sessions Tuesday was a political stunt in order to garner attention and donations.

This could especially be the case given Harris’ tweet early Wednesday morning.

With only a few months in Washington under her belt, it appears that Kamala Harris has adopted the tactics of others in her party: Make a scene, make it an issue, then use the issue as an opportunity to get donations.

Here is her exchange with Attorney General Sessions:

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