The Headlines From The Revolution Series Is One Of The Smartest Things On The Internet Today

This is one of the smartest things on the internet today: America’s Revolution as told in present tense.

For most Americans, this Independence Day was like many July 4th celebrations before it. Barbecues were lit and meat smoked across the nation, political platitudes conveyed by politicians, and fireworks displayed into the evening.

Over at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website, however, the writers did something entirely different and unique.

The writers at The Blaze wrote multiple stories about America’s War for Independence from an entirely contemporary point of view–as though it were happening today.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the individual stories, beginning pre-Revolution, you should. From a historical perspective, the “Headlines from the Revolution” series of “news” stories is one of the smartest things on the internet today.

Here’s the list of stories (in chronological order) from before the war, to the war’s conclusion:

Well done.

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