Here’s Who, What & Where Citizen McCain Gets His Campaign Money From…

For years, Citizen McCain has angered conservative for siding, more often than not, with Democrats. This may be why…

Last week, in a disappointing yet all-too-familiar scene, Senator John McCain of Arizona voted to put what is likely the final nail in the coffin of Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare.

Democrats, of course, heaped praise on Arizona’s senior Democrat Republican.

“Last night was an amazing moment, and the credit goes to a lot of people, but at the top of the list are the three who showed amazing courage to resist the pressure and do what’s good for the country,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “John McCain is at the top of the list.”

Praise by liberals on McCain (except when he ran for President) is not an uncommon occurrence.

After all, Sen. John McCain rates an ‘F,’, according to Conservative Review’s Liberty Scorecard, as he votes more often with liberals than conservatives.

Screenshot of 300071.pdf

If Arizona constituents—many of whom are, arguably, more conservative than McCain and dislike his liberal voting record—wonder why a so-called “Republican” votes as McCain does, perhaps learning who McCain’s campaign backers are, what industries and where they hail from would be helpful.

First, it is important to note that the vast majority of John McCain’s campaign contributions come from outside of his home state of Arizona.

McCain- Campaign - Geography Data - Senator Career

The majority of McCain’s “corporate” campaign contributions come from the same sources as that of Hillary Clinton—Wall Street.

McCain- Top Donors - Senator Career

While the top “industry” that donates to McCain is listed as “retired,” McCain also has institutional industry givers.

McCain- Campaign Finance-Money - Industries - Senator Career

When listed out by “sector” the bulk of McCain’s campaign contributions come from Finance, Insurance & Real Estate donors.

McCain Sector Totals

Regardless of “who” is doing the giving to John McCain, one thing is certain:

Last week’s vote was a slap in the face to every American who expected him to keep his promise to repeal ObamaCare.

This is why many Americans believe it is time for Senator McCain to retire.

* The above data has been compiled by Center for Responsive Politics.

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