Democrats Try To Distance Themselves From Young Activist’s Sexual Assault

The Democratic Party of Washington State appears to be doing damage control after a longtime progressive activist allegedly sexually assaulted a girl 30 years his junior.

Democrats in Washington State are hurriedly trying to distance themselves from an alleged sexual assault that took place after a party meeting in April.

According to a Spokesman Review article published on Thursday, Walla Walla police and prosecutors did not press charges in the case, as they did not believe they could get a conviction of a long-time progressive activist and Bernie Sanders.

Police “investigated reports that the volunteer, a college student who isn’t old enough to legally drink, had consumed so much alcohol she was incapable of providing consent, and therefore was sexually assaulted when she had intercourse with the man, who is nearly 30 years older,” reported the Spokesman Review.

The young volunteer consumed multiple alcoholic drinks at a pair of post-meeting gatherings and the local party officials present didn’t intervene – even though many knew she was underage. The young woman later went to the hotel room of the King County Democratic Party officer, whom she knew from work on progressive causes, including the state Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.

The two had sexual intercourse that he insists was consensual, although in hindsight “a mistake.” She later became convinced she was too drunk to give her consent and was manipulated by someone she previously trusted.

Walla Walla police eventually determined the evidence didn’t clearly show the alcohol rendered her so mentally incapacitated – a key element of a charge of second-degree sexual assault – that he would be convicted.

According to the victim, Democrat Party officials were initially supportive of her.

However, she told the Spokesman Review, that support eventually “waned.”

Since the incident took place and subsequent allegations surfaced on Thursday, the Democrat apparatchik has scrambled to control the damage.

On Thursday, after the Spokesman Review article appeared, Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski sent an email to party leaders stating, in part, that the party where the “incident occurred was not a State Party event.”

This has not sat well with a few on social media.

The report of this alleged sexual assault is particularly problematic for Washington State Democrats, as they have been dealing with the political tumult of Seattle’s pedophile mayor, Ed Murray.

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