Watch: Violent Antifa Infiltrated By Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder

Never afraid of exposing the hypocritical Left and their allies in the media, conservative comedian Steven Crowder went undercover in AntiFa and shares his findings.


They are left-wing zealots who are not afraid to vandalize, beat, maim and, perhaps, even kill their political opponents.

Who are they? They are the violent communist group called Antifa.

“Leon Trotsky formed the first Antifa-like units,” notes acclaimed filmmaker Trevor Loudon. “They were armed thugs who suppressed opposition to communism prior to the Bolshevik uprising – Red October.”

Despite mounting evidence that Antifa is organized in its violence—and not just some loose band of left-wing nut jobs—the mainstream media continued to ignore them, as Steven Crowder demonstrates in this video.


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  1. I seriously doubt that Antifa knows what fascism really is, because it is not what the American government is, it is actually what they themselves are doing.

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