Is This Dental Practice Really Threatening To Report Parents For Child Neglect?

A letter sent out by a pediatric dentistry practice appears to threaten to report parents to state authorities for “child neglect” if they don’t take their kids to to the dentist for “professional cleanings and treatment.”

The letter, which explains to recipients that, under ‘Pennsylvania Act 31,’ “failure to bring your child to the dentist is considered child neglect” and that “health care providers must report your failure to bring your child to the dentist for evaluation and care.”

Dental Threat

The dental practice, which has three locations in Pennsylvania, then states: “Smiles 4 Keeps has not reported your child’s outstanding dental treatment, as of yet.” [Emphasis added.]

Dental Letter Enlarged

While the letter gives the appearance of being a marketing letter aimed at scaring customers into using the Smiles 4 Keeps practice, “Kurt,” an office manager at the practice’s Scranton office said by telephone that is not the case.

The letters, he stated, are for the parents of existing patients who are in need of more serious procedures.

Further, he stated, the practice is looking at revising the letter.

Kurt the office manager also stated that the practice has not actually turned any parents into authorities…as of yet.

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