Michael Moore’s Fawning Twitter Tribute To Karl Marx Is Disgusting

‘Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to be unleashed onto the world.’

By now, most Americans know filmmaker Michael Moore to be a left-wing blowhard—a capitalism-hating, socialism-loving filmmaker who, ironically, has made millions though his films blasting an economic system he hates and has said Christianity is socialism.

However, his twitter tribute to Karl Marx takes the cake.

On Saturday, which was the 200th “anniversary” of Karl Marx’s birth, Moore posted a series of tweets on his Twitter account that only be described, at best, as fawning over the Father of Socialism.

More’s last tweet links to a New York Times op-ed entitled: ‘Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!’

That Moore has made his millions appealing to socialist audiences by exploiting the very system he demonizes is demonstrative of the disgusting hypocrisy that so many liberal Marxists exhibit.

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